We have been operating in our line of business for nearly four decades.

We have made millions of frames. These are the splendid, sound frames!

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Our firm was founded by Jan Carlson and Włodzimierz Piechocki in the Subcarpathia in 1979.

The first ten years of our activity were devoted to the traditional craft. We had been making solid, oak, rustic frames for paintings and mirrors. They got highly appreciated by our clients – also abroad. We had acquired a unique patented device for making ornaments in wood. Due to their achievements, the owners of our firm received the titles of Masters of Artisan Handicraft from the Minister of Culture. Our products were awarded numerous medals and certificates at the exhibitions – held in Poland and abroad – e.g., at HandwerkMesse in Munich.


In 1991, after having visited the specialist trade fair in Bologna and some leading factories producing mouldings and frames in Italy, the owners decided to produce wooden mouldings and picture frames in modern technologies – nevertheless – still basing on the artistic tradition and experience.

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In Poland we were the first to introduce gilding and foil stamping the frame profiles, using the so called ‘hot stamping’ method. Within a relatively short period of time, we have founded two manufactures. We are producing the mouldings in one, whereas frames, photo frames, picture framing mats, and framed mirrors – in the other. We have created and are creating our own collections of the design. So far we have got several hundreds of samples, being currently updated on the latest design trends. Presently, we are having approximately 200 samples on display in our store.

We are using the selected wood and materials from the best Polish and foreign producers. We have got a set of modern machines, and our staff have possessed a long experience. The factory has been audited by one of the greatest global retail chains in the interior design line. A constant improvement of the quality has placed us on the leading position in the line of business.


Since 2010 we have become a limited liability company. We are having the precise current and future plans.

Our objective is to specialize in the production of the high quality mouldings, picture frames, mats, and framed mirrors -in two categories:
frames and standard products for big retail chains, and mouldings, exclusive frames, and mirrors for the demanding clients – artists, connoisseurs, galleries, hotels and other buildings of high standard.

We are also realizing individual commissions – tailor made – delivered directly to a client.